St. Jacobs Quilt Festival

We would like to send a huge thank you to Marlene Good who organized and took part in the Mill Quilting and Knotting demonstrations for the St. Jacobs Quilt Festival on May 21st-24th. With all of the comforters that our residents have knotted hanging beautifully on the walls, and the quilt and comforter set up to work on, the Mill was transformed into a beautiful display. We walked over as a group almost every morning and afternoon to work away quilting and knotting. Mennonite Central Committee set up an information booth as well as the 20 comforter block to have a visual of what gets sent all around the world. Marlene has pieced and provided all of the comforters we have done here and at the Mill. Her creations not only bring us so much joy but the many people all over the world who receive them as well.