March 20 COVID-19 Dining Seating Adjustment

COVID–19 Necessary Precautions for Residents and Staff
Dining Seating Adjusted for Two Seatings per Meal
Beginning at Breakfast, Friday, March 20, 2020

Firstly we want to Thank Everyone for being vigilant as we prepare for the COVID-19 Virus. The preparations we do now will help to prevent infection in our vulnerable community. Everything we do now is getting us ready for the unknowns we are facing together.


To help maintain at least a 2 meter distance between people in our community as required by the Ministry of Health, we are moving to two seatings per meal.

All Residents living on Floor 2 will eat at the First Seating.

All Residents living on Floor 1 will eat at the Second Seating.

Please review this document for further details and information.