June already!

We’ve had such beautiful weather in May and June is looking to be just as lovely!  May was filled with celebrating the month of royalty with a fancy hat Victorian Tea and watching the royal newlyweds share their wedding vows.  As we head into June we are looking forward to celebrating our men here at St. Jacobs Place with music by “The Staccatos” and an ice cream social on June 15!  Walks to town and quiet reflection by the river side are some of our favourite things to do on our free time.  The birds are singing, fish are swimming and amazing blue butterflies are landing on our newly planted flowers in our back patio.  Bubbling sounds of our waterfall draw us into peaceful moments as we  sit quietly or chatting with friends and family on the bench in the good serenity courtyard.  We love our courtyard and we’re looking forward to happy hours and much more as we take in all the pleasures of summertime.  “In a world where you can be anything…be kind.”