Dementia Inclusive in Retirement Living Pilot Program

Here at St Jacobs Place we are always looking to improve the services we can offer to those that call us home. There is always room for learning and growth among the staff who are committed to ‘Enriching The Lives of Those we Touch’! We have recently volunteered to be one of a few retirement homes within Ontario that will be part of a Dementia Inclusive in Retirement living pilot program. What that means is a select number of our staff will undergo developed training modules through Orca, watch a video and provide feedback to the program at the end. This program runs until August 22nd, 2018. A part of the program requests that we share a video with the residents, family and friends that they have specifically developed for the program and offer your feedback to them in return. If you could take 4 minutes to review and provide feedback to, that would be greatly appreciated. Here is the Link-