August is my favourite!

August…the days are warm and the nights become cooler…the sun sets earlier and the campfires can start earlier. I’ve always loved chats around campfires and watching the stars twinkle in the sky.  The peacefulness of the night sky, the sounds of nature in the air are the things that take the rush of the day away with the breeze.  Here at St. Jacobs Place we’ve been having much of the same feelings as we have our happy hour music and other activities out in our Good Serenity Courtyard.  The flowers, the pond, the birds chirping, the breeze blowing, the bubbling rock water feature and the friends as we sit around and chat or play a game.  All these things truly bring serenity to our lives here.  We hope you will come join us some day.  Pop in on a Happy Hour for the music on a Friday from 2 -3 pm.  All are welcome to come by for a visit!  Cheers to summer!

“A life without love is like a year without summer.”  Swedish Proverb