The September season of new beginnings

So often we think of January when we think of a new beginning of a year but September can bring as many or more changes than the new calendar year.  Changes in school, changes of the tree colours, changes of living locations, birds begin migrating, changes, changes, changes.  I’m not always quick to like it when things change around me but I do love to watch and celebrate when it happens to someone or something else.  The trees are so wonderful this time of year as they adorn themselves in fall colours.  We have a beautiful tree on the side of our home here at St. Jacobs Place that turns lovely hues of orange and red.  Our little town comes alive with even more beauty and residents put on their fall jackets, take a stroll by the water,  sit on the front porch and feel the wonderful air of autumn.   May your autumn be filled with wonderful change, new joy and the treasure of a tranquil moment to take it all in.

“September days are here, with summer’s best of weather and autumn’s best of cheer.”  Helen Hunt Jackson