March 20 COVID-19 Suspension of Non-Essential Services

COVID – 19 Necessary Precautions for Residents and Staff
Suspension of Non-Essential / Hospitality Services in Resident Suites
March 20, 2020

As we ramp up protection for the people who live and work at St. Jacobs Place against the COVID-19 virus, we have identified some other ways to reduce the opportunity for people to come into contact. Of course we hear daily in press conferences about the need to Self–Isolate to prevent transmission. The health of the people who live here is also connected to the health of the people who work here. We need to ensure everyone’s limited exposure to one another.

Weekly Housekeeping of suites including taking laundry, bedlinens and towels will continue once per week. We want to ensure the on-going cleanliness of each suite and your clothing. Some Residents have put soiled bedlinens, soiled laundry, and garbage into the hallways. DO NOT DO THIS. The Province is in a Medical State of Emergency and the goal for isolation is to CONTAIN BIOHAZARDS.

Daily bedmaking and daily removal of garbage must be suspended as the virus spreads through Canadian communities. The goal of Canadian Public Health is to keep everyone away from one another to reduce transmission. The risk outweighs the benefits of these non-essential services.

Please review this document for further details and information.