April 5 COVID-19 Notice for Residents and Staff

COVID – 19 Notice for Residents and Staff
April 5, 2020.


  • “Older adults with underlying conditions are at an increased risk of severe outcomes including death.”
  • Retirement Homes “may be particularly vulnerable to local spread of COVID-19; mortality rates… estimated to be upwards of 40% in these care settings.”
  • “In the event of a community outbreak, it is possible the only option for care will be comfort and supportive measures in the Home.”
[source: St. Joseph’s Health Centre Guelph, Nurse Lead Outreach Team, “Response to COVID-19” information sheet April 2, 2020.]


  • Social Distancing of at least two meters.
  • Residents socially isolated in their suites.
  • Activities cancelled.
  • Dining Room closed – meals delivered to suite.
  • No non-essential services provided in suite.
  • No visitors.
  • Cancelled AM / PM care through LHIN, so we can provide (fewer people in and out of the community).
  • Active screening of all staff and residents twice daily.
  • Staff wearing surgical masks on site to prevent possible transmission if they are carrying the virus without symptoms.
  • Staff self isolating at home in accord with Province of Ontario Mandate from the Chief Medical Officer.
  • Increased sanitizing of touch surfaces.
  • Increased handwashing.

Please be aware this GLOBAL HEALTH PANDEMIC is unprecedented in our lifetimes. Absolutely nothing we are doing right now is normal. Your services have been modified to protect our lives. We will continue to modify these services to protect our lives as dictated by the authorities including Public Health, and the Province.


Today, I am saddened to have to make a report to the Retirement Home Regulatory Authority because more than 5 Residents broke the Ontario Government’s Emergency Order, made under the Emergency Management and Civil Protection Act (please refer to your notice dated March 30, 2020), prohibiting gatherings of greater than 5 people or more. These residents tell me they decided to leave their suites to go to the kitchen to complain about food services delivery. This puts everyone’s lives at risk. This is currently illegal behavior. As I said: Nothing we are doing right now is normal. This is a State of Emergency.
RESIDENTS: WE NEED YOU TO STAY IN YOUR ROOM. It is the only thing we are asking you to do to protect lives. It is not optional, social distancing is mandated by the Ontario Government. This weekend so far in Ontario it is reported that 52 people in the province have died of COVID-19. YOU CAN USE YOUR TELEPHONE TO MAKE AN INQUIRY.


The Director of Culinary Services has asked me to share her response to the complaint that food is at risk in the covered clam shell Styrofoam disposable food service containers delivered to your door. The Canadian Restaurant and Foodservice Association states that “foods intended for immediate consumption, may be held for service (not kept on ice or other equivalent methods)… for [up to] two hours.” As always, we continue to provide excellent meals. Again, we are striving to meet your needs in an environment that continuously changes, and sometimes your service expectations will fall short, as with the rest of the people living in Ontario. Nothing is normal right now.


  • Employees who either disagree with or have questions / ideas / concerns to share about the measures we are taking to protect lives, MUST CALL A MANAGER for direction.
  • It is vital that we not only follow the Provincially Mandated Emergency Orders and Recommendations, but to endeavour to provide safer than those due to our vulnerable population.
  • Sara – General Manager 289-834-1079
  • Caitlin – Director Culinary Services 519-580-0498
  • Brad – Director of Resident Services (housekeeping, laundry, maintenance, activities) 519-588-4679